Anxiety, Trauma and Relationship Therapist in Long Island, NY

As a therapist, I bring my experience and clinical expertise in helping you feel more grounded, confident and courageous to show up in your life. Let’s get your unstuck, and help create movement and change. I see my role as not just offering insight and guidance, but providing skills, integrating clarity and mind-body healing that promote a feeling of inner calm, and offer a more meaningful day-to-day life experience.
— Esther Goldstein LCSW

Therapy in Long Island, NY

Individual Counseling

Counseling for adults who struggle with anxiety, self esteem or who have experienced trauma.


Relationships and Love Counseling



DBT Group

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

 Group for adults

Therapist Supervision in Long Island, NY

Consultation for Therapists

Trauma informed consultation group