Ever feel like your emotions overwhelm you, flooding your mind and body, leaving you unable to think clearly and make smart,grounded choices? 

Dialectical behavioral therapy was created specifically for those times. DBT helps you learn ways to regulate, self sooth and engage with yourself, others and the world in a more meaningful, calm fashion. 

DBT combines cognitive and behavioral therapies to help transform negative thoughts and sabotaging behaviors into positive, helpful ones. DBT is a research-based modality  proven to be effective in helping individuals regulate their emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, control self destructive behaviors and build self-management skills.


Mindfulness: Learn mindfulness techniques and ways to accept the present moment. One aspect of mindfulness is noticing, without judgement, times of difficulty as well as moments of success, and reflect on those.

Distress Tolerance: Learn to cope with situations that cause stress and anxiety by learning how to reframe your thoughts, better understanding the present moment as well as practicing and implementing self-soothing techniques to bring you to a grounded, calmer place when you're in high emotional distress. 

Interpersonal Effectiveness: Learn how to assess your needs and wants in relationships and effective ways of expressing them. Skills teach the "how-to"s in maintaining healthy boundaries, while maintaining self respect, allowing for meaningful, healthy relationships to develop. 

Emotion Regulation: Learn to understand, control and influence which emotions you have, when to have them, and how you experience and express them.

Group sessions offer essential life skills to those who attend.

In group you learn the skills listed above in a supportive, nonjudgemental, social environment where you offer and receive support from the group leaders (myself and my co-leader) as well as your fellow group members, cultivating group support and insight into each of your journeys.

You're not alone in this struggle, others are committed to improving their lives as well!

Join this collaborative, educational, supportive group where you will learn skills that will change your life.

Reach out here for further inquiries.  


DBT skills have changed many people's lives.

Let's teach you how to change yours.