A story about doubt


I need to tell you a story

and I need you to listen

very closely

there was once a young woman 

who doubted herself

she doubted if she was enough

if she did enough

she even doubted if

she loved enough




her pursuit

was of

the arrival

of that feeling

of being enough


what she didn't yet know

was that she didn't need

to be someone

other than her self

she thought

she had to morph


someone else

she though

she needed

to squeeze herself

into another being 

someone smaller

someone gentler

someone who didn't have a loud voice

someone who slid into every thing she did

someone who didn't have fears

or needs

oh those needs

that was a big one

she thought her needs were

too big

too many

too much

for others

and too much

for the world

but no

she didn't yet know

that the world

needed her "very-much-ness"

the world needed

the kind of twinkle she had

in her fully alive eyes

and not for her to dim them

to be like "others"

the world awaited 

her grace

her glow

but that only would come

when she stood in her power

and owned her essence

her full-on


her full-on



messy personality 

and that was beautiful

but she couldn't see it

but then 

one day

she couldn't take it any more

feeling stuck in this mess of 


it all got too much

she sought guidance


spoke to anyone who would listen

but to no avail

no one had the key

to her nagging questions

and so 

she sat down

one day

and cried

those were bitter


sad filled tears

tears of distress

tears of unknown

tears of yearning

of searching 

for something


to relieve her

and as those tears

rolled down

her soft plush cheeks

she started to sense

the serenity 

of the slow answer 

that suddenly began to rear its face


my darling

do not need to rush

and the world

they dont need you to be

any different than you are

the ones who don't like you now

wont like you any more

if you try to be like them

or to be smaller

or rounder or


or anything else

those people who squish you 


don't matter

what matters is


simply you

and owning 

who you are 

you have a fire within

that you've been trying to shut down

for your fear

that the world cant contain it

the secret is, though

that if you can harness your own fire

allow the fire to burn

to glow the light 

that is yours

and learn

to manage the intensity

and gently direct

its powerful strength 


the sound 

of who you are


in the gentlest 

yet loudest of ways

sharing who you are


to the world

and that

my dear

is the biggest gift

and the wisest answer

you can give yourself

so please

go out there

stand on the platform

lay out the plush carpet

so please

give yourself permission

to be your full on amazingness

the messiness

the togetherness

the smartness

and the silliness

they're all part of you

please don't ever change

or become 

someone who you're not

so go out there

slip on

those big girl shoes

ground yourself

in your wisdom

let the beams of your own light


as you let

those crumblings of doubt

slowly melt away

into the ground

disappearing like dust particles

and now

you get to 

stand tall

because from there


and possibilities

are endless

so my dear,

the story begins again....

Once upon a time

there was a young vibrant woman

who woke up

with a bounce in her step

a joy in her giggle

and a power in her backbone

that knew no limits

she knew

today awaited her

and all that she had to offer

she knew 

deep within

that there's no one out there like her

so she'd better shine her light

stand in that confidence

because she 

and all she had within

were waiting for long enough

it was time to shine!