what is it in that five letter word 

that stings

that hurts

so deep


that word won't do it justice

the pain

the lurch in the belly

the sting in the heart

the well of water in the eyes

the salty tears that drip

from the softness in the eyes

the muscle tension

around the eyes

and the headache

in the third eye

of the forehead

those feelings

the sensations


they hurt

they burn

they almost steal

the joy


oh what is that

when can one feel joy

when there is so much loss

so much devastation

of something being taken

too early

way too early

like a premature baby 

coming out

when its lungs cannot support its breath

and it gasps for air 

with each and every breath

the pain

the exhaustion 

the terror 

of what the next moment will bring


the experiences

that were taken 

before they were ever fully tasted


what once was

or what never was

the inner psyche knows

that this needs to exist

or that such an existence 

is part of humanity

and when it is not expressed

the body 

the soul

the spirit 

the mind

they all hurt

they all yearn 

for something more whole 

for completion

of a moment

of  a day

of a task

of a feeling

of a sensation

of a connection

of a landing

that is stable

that is steady

that is safe 

safe enough

to fall on to

to land softly

like a plane landing 

after a turbulent ride

the soothing sensation of accepting

of  a solid wall

of a rock that won't budge

but can contain

it all




comes to visit

to remind us

it needs more time

to heal

to be held 

to be seen

to be acknowledged

to be given permission

to have some space

in  your mental real estate

I see you

I feel you

I hear you

I cry with you

I feel for you

and I feel with you

you're hurting

and I'm hurting too 

let's hold this together

this sacred space

ride the waves

of intensity

the lessening of the pain

one step 

at a time

you're going to be ok

and right now

you're ok for not feeling ok

I got your back

so, thank you grief

I want you to know

you're special to me 

let's hold hands

as we walk this pathway