Who are you meeting today?

Who are you meeting for lunch today?

Yes, YOU.

Who are you surrounding yourself by?

Who are you choosing to be engaged with?

Who are you making priority?

Think about the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Those 5 people have a big influence on you.

Yes, so who we choose to spend time with impacts us in a huge way!

And hey, one of the first "people" we spend time with is ourselves. So, my first question is:

When you take yourself out for coffee, or go for a silent car ride or a jog at the beach or a moment of silence during your busy day, what is the time like?

Do you enjoy your own company? Do the thoughts in your head feed the energy that you are looking to move towards?

"You're doing a great job, Hun"

"I'm so proud of you, You keep pushing through no matter what".

"Things will get better, I'm sure".

"These bumps are so normal, we've been through them together, remember?"

"I'm going to give myself permission to have messed up today, because ....I'm Human"

"The relationship I'm in is asking a lot of me, and I'm going to take baby steps to get there".

Those thoughts are comforting, reassuring and give you permission to be the regular, capable and ever so imperfect human that you are. Yes, you have permission.

If you notice your thoughts are pulling you down, see what you can do to lift them up. Sometimes things are tough and you need to create some movement, some change, or meet up with someone else.

Sometimes our Inner Critic gets really loud and part of our job is learning how to manage that nagging voice. More about that HERE.

In addition to your own inner voices, we are strongly affected by the five people we spend most of our time with.

Take a moment and think about the people you surround yourself with. Answer the following questions about the people you spend time with. 

  • Do they support me?
  • Do they fully understand me, my goals and my visions for life?
  • How do I feel after I hang out with them or chat with them? 
  • Do I feel connected and safe or do I feel worried and anxious when spending time with them?
  • Do they commiserate with me and keep me in the stuck-ness that I'm in or do they challenge me and my negative beliefs?

Think about those people.

Think about how they impact you.

Now, think about someone who you look up to. Someone who you want to be like personally, professionally, emotionally, energetically and/or overall socially.

See if you can set up a coffee date, or if you can find a way to get connected to someone like that person. We are social creatures and therefore are affected by who we are around, how they feel about themselves , what their beliefs are about the world and their beliefs for and about us. 

Choosing to be with people who have lived the high line, broken through limits and believe in possibilities is important. 

And now that you're thinking about 5 people; can you think of the 5 most valuable qualities you are needing in yourself right now?

Here are some to put out there. 

Pick YOUR FIVE from this list or choose your own :

Empathy     Courage    Love   Confidence  Wisdom   Joy   Compassion   Commitment   Power

Resilience   Patience   Persistence    Understanding   Driven    Clarity       Humility        Flexible

Go inward and choose five. You'll need to choose people who can help you strengthen these qualities. 

Take another moment and choose wisely. 


To embrace your uniqueness you need others who can hold the belief in you that you can do it.

To hold onto the knowledge that anything vaueable takes effort, consistency and unshakable beliefs in change that comes with hard work and persistence. 

That this world can contain you and all that you have to offer.

Check in and see what relationships you have are helping you move onward, and where/how you can be investing in relationships that can bring you closer to the ideal "YOU" you want to be.

This is one of the reasons one may reach out for therapy, to find a person who can hold the steady platform for  you; a place to notice your strengths, your possibilities, your unseen talents and untapped potential as well as challenging blockages that come up and keep you from building the life you deserve. 

If you're needing therapy, reach out for help.

If you have someone in your life you can reach out to, reach out to them!

Make the decision to make smarter choices about who you surround yourself with,today!

Sift through the options of who you choose to allow in your life.

This is your life. Make it a good one! 

Cheers to consciously choosing who to surround yourself with and climbing upward!