Hello my anxious, wandering 20 something year old,






Start Living t

he Life You DESERVE








You're looking for guidance from every other adult around you.

You too, can look within and nurture your inner voice.

Because within, you know what you need.

I'll help you break through the doubt, the unknown, the and uncertainty. Together, we'll find the way you're looking for. 

Let's help you open you heart to forgiveness, so you can finally stop "over-performing".

You deserve to start living the life that tastes good.

We'll uncover the wisdom beneath the fear.

We'll challenge your perfectionism and unpack the beauty that lies within you.  


On the outside you seem to have it together.

Yet, on the inside you feel like you're stuck in a bad dream

Seems like everyone else has it figured out and you're still spiraling.  You're not matching up to who you're needing to be.

Your vision for your future feels like a faraway dream.

 You're ready to define yourself, discover your inner strength and own your future. 

Hi, I'm Esther,

More about me HERE

More about me HERE

 I help you work through blockages and get you moving forward. I dive deep into understanding who you are, how you connect with others and loosen the walls preventing you from living your vibrant self. 

I get what its like to doubt your strengths. To lose touch with your own backbone, to feel so lost with pressing questions and no answers that satisfy. 

I also know what it’s like to find yourself, begin taking the necessary steps and start  living the life of a successful adult. 

Working with me, we  connect you with what you want and who you want to be.


Imagine accessing your inner backbone, feeling powerful, courageous and wise. My passion and expertise is in helping you define, strengthen, and own your”steel force” backbone. You deserve to feel that confidence and clarity.
— Esther Goldstein LCSW

Time to unveil your inner goddess, lean into your gentle wisdom and access your inner rockstar.