Frequently Asked Questions

+ What can I expect?

My approach to therapy is collaborative and interactive. Our goal, together, is to bring you to a place of greater well-being, emotional health, an overall better sense of self and improved interactions with others. The first session you'll be asked about primary reasons of coming to session, your hopes, your worrries, and any important information I may need to best get to know you and help you. Of course, you do not need to share anything you don't feel comfortable sharing and it is up to you how much and what you share when we meet. It's important to me that you take your time getting to know me, and go at a pace that feels comfortable to you. At the next session and going forward, we begin identifying target goals and areas you'd like to address and begin creating a framework for your healing and growth.

+ What are your rates?

My practice session fee is $200 for 45minute session. In specific circumstances we may schedule longer sessions for intensive work, and fee is pro-rated based on time we schedule.

+ Do you accept insurance?

I am not in network with any insurance companies. I am happy to provide you with a form you can send in to your insurance company for possible reimbursment. That means you're responsible for the fee at the time of our appointment and, depending on your plan, a certain percentage of that may be paid to you by your insurance company.

If you'd like to find out if you have Out Of Network Benefits, call your insurance provider and ask them: 1) Do I have out of network mental health benefits? 2) How much is the deductible I need to meet before I get reimbursed for mental health services? 3) If I do have out of network benefits, what percentage does my plan reimburse?

+ What are your hours?

I book clients by private appointment only. Please call or email to inquire about scheduling availability.

+ What forms will I need to complete to start counseling?

To save time at our first session, you can fill out the Intake form and Services Agreement form before session and send them to me by email or print them out and bring them to your first appointment.