Feeling anxious can be incredibly uncomfortable.

Anxiety is your mind's way of asking you to pay attention to something, to avoid danger or to find a better way of taking care of yourself. However, persistent anxiety that lingers when there's no actually danger is a problem.  Your body may express its stress in somatic (mind-body) ways, such as tightening of the belly, migraine headaches, tightened chest or indigestion. 

Instability in life or lack of emotional nurturing in your relationships can cause anxiety.   As well, living in an environment where emotions aren't "allowed" will provoke anxiety when feelings such as sadness, anger,  or shame are experienced.


Anxiety may be something new to your life. You may notice that your anxiety is more recent and has sprung up with your adult responsibilities.

Going through the transition of adulthood can bring with it a lot of new-ness and with it, overwhelm.  If you feel like you’re stuck in some “adulting anxiety”. As well, entering parenthood  can bring the “worry bug” to the surface in a whole new way. For more on the anxiety that often accompanies motherhood.

Understanding the why to your body's anxiety is important so that we can tend to the roots of the issue

In therapy,  I educate my patients what is happening in their bodies, and we explore and uncover why it may be happening. I teach specific skills to help cope with the pent up internal tension to release the chronic anxiety and discomfort.  

In session, we use cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy,  mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, somatic therapy, and when necessary, EMDR (a from of therapy called Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) which is a specific treatment for trauma and anxiety disorders. 

There's an inherent beauty in natural expression of emotions.


On the other side of anxiety, you will still experience fear and worry from time to time, but you’ll also experience hopes, creativity, moments of joy and meaningful connection that come from engaging and experiencing your feelings in a safe manner.