I anchor my work in an unshakable belief in the human capacity to heal as I’ve seen clients transcend limitations and begin living the life they didn’t imagine possible.
— Esther Goldstein LCSW

Who I work with

If you're tired of just "surviving" and are looking to thrive in your  20s and 30s, we'll work well together.  My passion lies in helping you succeed at this thing called "adulthood". Harnessing adulthood starts with YOU; finding inner clarity and direction while building a life that's got meaning, joy and connection. 

 I help you  learn to not just have relationships, but make them meaningful and lost lasting.

You may be at the next stage of "growing up" and building your own family; our work here is to equip you to readily navigate the exciting (and sometimes terrifying) stages of parenthood that await. 

You'll work well with me if you're  ready to roll your sleeves up and dig in. You're ready to put the work in because you’re ready to experience both transformation and relief. No, therapy isn't magic, but doing this together, we will get you toward your goals.

I believe you can feel SO much better. You can move past the "just getting through the day" mode.   Contact me today!

What would therapy be like for you?

In addition to offering chances for you to tell your stories, sessions will include emotional and relationship skill building. There may be some tears, but there will be laughter too. You’ll have opportunities to tune into your body so that you can feel and meet your feelings at a whole new level.  We’ll break big concerns into small, manageable steps and we’ll develop attainable goals that will offer immediate, visible shifts in all areas of your life.

I'm not the kind of therapist who will sit there and nod and smile. I get right in there with you and help you identify your goals and see where we might get stuck. It’s my job - and my privilege - to bring you right back to where we need: focused on doing the work that will help you feel better and get you out of therapy! After our time together, you’ll feel held, understood, and prepared to face the days and nights ahead.

Contact me today to book a complimentary 15 session that will help us explore how I can best help you. 

You want to  connect with your inner strength yet life feels SO complicated.

I too know what it's like to feel stuck. And I also know what it’s like to reconnect with joy.

A series of hard earned lessons and sweet triumphs have inspired me to contribute to the field of psychotherapy. I’m committed to helping others find ways to navigate their lives, make sense of their experiences, and understand the way the past influences the present and the future.

Working together, we build on your unique strengths and help rebuild a sense of safety, create meaning, and find ways to deepen connections with yourself and others.

I look at therapy as a shared quest. Together, we’re seeking the joy and strength that might have lost along your life’s journey.  

We work to understand where you are and where you’ve been. Then, we create a map that helps you get to where you want to be. You build your own resources and wisdom in this process. You develop the tools that will help you continue to map out your life and follow your chosen course long after you and I finish our work together.

My Training and Clinical Background

My clinical training  has prepared me to work with individuals who struggle with self-doubt and the underpinnings of anxiety that tends to come with it. My goal is helping individuals burdened with the feeling of "not-enough-ness" heal from their past and begin to build the lives they want and deserve.

I anchor my work in an unshakable belief in the human capacity to heal. I've seen clients transcend challenges, work through limitations, achieve a sense of self and go on to building a live they dreamed of but didn't imagine possible. And guess what? So can you!

For more on my clinical training and background, click here.

Your task is not to seek love, but merely to find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
— Rumi
Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, joy, courage,empathy, accountability & authenticity.
— Brene Brown