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he Life You Deserve








You know life is meant to feel better than this.   

 Your worries nag at you. You're scared to trust yourself. Searching for guidance, direction and connection all seem so confusing! You're wanting to heal past wounds that are shadowing your days. Yet, searching for the answer from others keeps you in the perpetual cycle of irrevocable confusion. You can learn to feel strong again.  Let me teach you how to figure this out, with confidence, knowledge and ease. Regardless of your past, you know this phase of life is up to you.

You're committed to learning how to do it right.



Hi, I'm Esther,

Let's get you unstuck. We start with  finding out what's not working. Using mind-body modalities, mindfulness and talk therapy we'll release those tough feelings stuck within your body and mind.  We'll strengthen your voice, provide hands-on skills and knowledge that will guide you, offering strength to move forward.  

We challenge the doubts and uncertainty, releasing its stronghold as we go along. We replace over-thinking with living a fulfilled life.

Together we'll pave a path that's unique to you and your needs

Imagine accessing your inner backbone, feeling powerful, courageous and wise. My passion and expertise is helping define, strengthen and own your “steel-force” backbone. You deserve to feel that confidence and clarity.
— Esther Goldstein LCSW